What’s the Value of Using Discount Coupons for Your Business


Maybe you think they’re a good idea, but you can’t help but ask yourself, “Do discount coupons really matter for my business?”

Answer: Yep!

The facts: They’re what the people want. Everyone (Mom, Grandma, Uncle Larry) is looking for a deal.

The fuzzy pop science: You know from personal experience that thinking you earned a hot deal, usually makes you feel better about a purchase. The same goes for your customers.  

Everyone’s Looking for a Deal

Can you blame ‘em? According to a recent study (pictured) by Mindshare, more and more potential customers are trying to get online shopping discounts. They’ll put items in shopping carts and wait for the price to go down; they use tracking services that alert them to price decreases; they wait and wait for sales.

The interesting part? It’s those crackshot Millennials (aged 18-34) that are in this deal-making game more than any other age group. The skewing trend is obvious. If you’re not in the discount-giving mood, the future of your business could be out of luck.

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Be Strategic with Your Discounts

Giving discounts doesn’t mean you need to sell your soul or that your company’s ROI needs to take a hit. Think outside the box to make discounts work for you. Consider the following:

  • Discount excess stock to keep it moving off the shelf.
  • Have a great product? Offer a limited-time discount it to get it in the hands of as many customers as possible.
  • Give referral discounts to get even more loyal customers.
  • Present free shipping around the holidays to show you that care and to stay competitive.

So, what’s the value of offering discounts? It’s whatever the value your business gleans from long-time customer loyalty, new leads, and more frequent sales.

How Impress.ly Can Help

Did you know that Impress.ly’s Online Store gives you full access to manage your eCommerce exactly when you want and from whichever device you prefer?


Not only does Impress.ly’s design automatically match your brand (with an array of automatic templates plus customization options at your fingertips), but with Impress.ly you can manage all of your shop’s inventory.

Manage your discounts per shop category by applying:

  • Discount coupons
  • Discounts by percentage
  • Fixed discount amounts
  • Free shipping

Dig it? Get those discounts going and start building today.


Published on 6 Jun 2016