How to Organize Your Social Media Marketing

We get it. You’re a business owner focused on creating new business, not on playing around with Facebook.

The fact remains that Facebook (among the rest of the social media battalion) is where your customers are living. Check these stats:

  • Over 70% of small businesses have a Facebook page.
  • 40% of users are turning to Facebook for info about businesses.
  • There are over 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users.
  • 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second.
  • Facebook tends to drive more site traffic than any other social platform.

It’s your choice, but in the interest of growing a business, we’re on the side of loving it over leaving it.

The Business Owner’s Social Media Marketing Dilemma

You run the show, maybe with one or two employees. You’ve got a business Twitter page (you think) and have posted a few pics to Instagram. You paid a contractor to kick off your LinkedIn presence and Facebook is updated somewhat regularly.

If this is you (and it’s certainly typical of many of the businesses we encounter) your business is suffering from social scatter. This means that your social media marketing is hanging out in dribs and drabs all over the web and it absolutely needs to be streamlined so that customers can find you and give you their money! (Oh, and a little organization may also be good for your sanity).

Good news: eliminates social scatter by stretching out across the web to automatically grab all of your company’s content (images, copy, e-comm, vids) and places it all neatly into one slick template. Actually, gives you a bunch of gorgeous templates from which to choose, and if you want, you can customize every last detail, but you don’t need to.

Save Valuable Time with  

If you want to spend less time playing on social media and more time working, grab the app, enter your website or Facebook business page (even if you haven’t updated it in a decade) and watch as it scours the web for info about your business and creates a mobile site for you in under two minutes.

Let clean up your social scatter act and meet your customers halfway.


Published on 13 Jun 2016