Stand out in the crowd with our new desktop editor

Starting today, allows you to build a beautiful desktop site from your existing site, without breaking a sweat.

Even though websites are moving increasingly towards mobile-first experiences, that should not be a reason to let your desktop sites suffer. No platform or device should be underestimated. That’s why your website is automatically suitable for smartphone, tablet and desktop.

Now, we’ve already given you a ton of great options to perfect your site’s mobile design, like like the design and navigation options. Starting today, we’re introducing a One-Page website that’s an instant beauty, and editable to your heart’s content.

Stand out in the crowd

Is your mobile website ready to be published? Now we give you the opportunity to spend 2 more minutes to make your desktop version one-of-a-kind as well.

Getting started is easy, just choose from three unique headers.

Desktop header styles

Let your header do the talking

Photographic headers are elegant and immediately give a professional look and feel to your website. The header is the first thing users notice on your website, and this element can change the user experience dramatically. One photo on your design can be enough to make a good first impression.

Fullscreen video backgrounds are quickly growing in popularity. Add your own video now or choose one of the videos we provide. We’ve adjusted the video and text contrasts for you already.

Choose a full-blown header or a half page header for your photo or video and add some text and/or your logo. Choose to use a big header text and a smaller subtext, just a logo or all three together.

Choose your photos. On every part of your website you can add your own gorgeous photos to fill up your background. Change the settings to adjust the contrast, blur and grayscale sliders. Easy as pie! Don’t have the photos you need in your own library? We offer many professional and beautiful photos for free.




Go ahead and act like a professional!

What are you waiting for? Login and try our new one-page layout editor to make the desktop version of your website look as awesome as your mobile site!

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Published on 16 Aug 2016