Why (& How) Impress.ly Prioritizes Mobile

Mobile rules! We’re not making that up.

Here are some stats:

  • US mobile buyers are on target to increase from 104.8 million (2014) to over 162.8 million (2019).
  • Mobile makes up 88% of all “near me” searches.
  • In 2014, mobile commerce was up 34%.
  • 59% of US smartphone shoppers used their mobile phone to research products before purchase.
  • By 2017 US mobile shoppers will spend $90 billion in mobile payments (up 48% over 2012).

See, we’re not making this stuff up.

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Here’s the flat out truth: if your website is not mobile-friendly, your business is tanked. At the very least, it’s not getting nearly as much traction as it could be getting, and you’re likely leaving cash on the table.

Impress.ly: Taking a Phone First Approach

What does phone first mean? It means prioritizing mobile devices over all others, which is exactly what we do at Impress.ly.

While you can build your Impress.ly mobile site on the web, we made sure it was just as easy (and fast) to build your site using a mobile device any size. With Impress.ly you’re also building a mobile website, which is (as aforementioned) good for you and for your customers.

We wanted to address some of the top questions we repeatedly  hear from small business owners:

  • Does it save me time? Business owners need to do everything possible to cut corners when it comes to  saving time, and using it effectively. Our on-the-go platform automatically pulls together a website in less than one-minute. That’s fast. Sure, you can tweak and update it later, but it’s super quick to get up and running.
  • Will it make me money? We understand that everyone wants to save a buck. Impress.ly is free to try out with options ranging from $9 to $14 per month. Not bad. So, yeah, Impress.ly is affordable, but with its fully-integrative online store, it can make you a pretty penny as well.
  • Will it grow my business? More strategic online permeation translates to more business. By grabbing more mobile traffic, you’re positioning your business for greater success. Plus we’ve already mentioned our online store — where ROI can increase by using our easy-to-create discount coupons — but Impress.ly also enables you to boost SEO with its powerful blog feature.

At Impress.ly we take a phone first approach because we believe that’s what works best for you and your business. Got it? Then quit reading, and make sure you’re mobile!

Published on 22 Jun 2016