This is How You Get 700,000 Views Overnight

Be Okay, maybe that sounds a tad narcissistic, but seriously, we went viral. And we’re SO EXCITED!

This week nabbed over 700,000 organic YouTube views (plus 70K likes) overnight.

Our Brazilian division had a video produced by YouTube and Facebook sensation Parafernalha (these guys have followers in the 10s of millions).

The actors are speaking Portuguese, but whatever language you best understand, the humor in this product placement parody shines through visually clearer than any text or translation could muster.  

In case you’ve missed this comedic gem, take a look!

The comedy speaks for itself, but we owe part of the video’s success to the current YouTube landscape in Brazil today where amateur YouTubers have been raking in the dough on product placements. So much so that the Brazilian government recently passed product placement regulations that require these entrepreneurial-minded videographers to clearly share which brand is giving them cash. The regulation states, “All publicity must be conveyed in such a way that the consumer easily and immediately identifies it.”

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Congratulations to Brazil!

Published on 15 Jul 2016