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About Impress.ly

We make great software that allows everyone to build gorgeous sites. Our software empowers you to build and manage your mobile presence. Build a site for your own company, or use our software to serve the needs of your customers. Impress.ly makes the creation of high-quality and responsive websites easy and affordable. The technology is available for everyone.

Impress.ly is powered by AppMachine a company founded in 2011 by our passionate CEO Siebrand Dijkstra and 18 programmers. Read the biography of Siebrand.

Our Goal

Setting a new standard for mobile first site-building.

Impress.ly Press Kit

Assets and information for our users and the media.
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The Impress.ly team is smart, fast and works terribly hard. We do everything to keep our site builders the happiest site builders out there. How? We build great software, tell the right story and listen to you.

The team exists of 35 men and women of which a little more than half is developer. The other half are testers, product managers, part of the support team, part of the marketing and communication team, designers and thinkers.










CEO Siebrand Dijkstra

The passionate and pleasantly adrenalized CEO of AppMachine.

ADHD, dyslexia and color blindness have never stopped Siebrand from starting various ICT companies. He also suffers from a mild form of underestimation, which encourages him to explore the roads less traveled. As a result, Siebrand has been nominated for the Deloitte Rising Star Award and was elected CEO of the Year by professional ICT magazine Computable in 2014.

AppMachine is a good example of what one can achieve when founding a ICT company and that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you start your company. Although CEO Siebrand spends a large part of his time in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, his roots are firmly planted in the Dutch province Fryslân.

Siebrand has been an entrepreneur for many years. In 1992, at the age of 24, he founded Quality Netware Tools (QNT), a company that made communication and security software. After having achieved a client base of more than 3,800 companies in 8 years, Siebrand started a new company: Schoolmaster.

With his company Schoolmaster, Siebrand developed the school administration software Magister. In 2009, when he sold the company, Magister was being used by more than 80% of the schools in The Netherlands for more than 850,000 students.